Avoid Getting Duped by Familiarizing Yourself with the ESA Laws of Your State

ESAs’ are one of the best options if you are suffering from anxiety or depression. ESA stands for Emotional Support Animals and they help by showering love, affection and comfort. In order to get an ESA, you need an ESA certificate from a medical professional.

Laws Surrounding ESA

There are certain laws that pertain to ESAs’. These laws get differ from state to state. You need to familiarize yourselves with these laws, so that you do not get duped. There are many websites out there that talk about the laws while you check for emotional support animal registry. Ensure that you go through the FAQ’s listed onto such websites.

Websites such as Support Pets also has an ESA laws page that talks about the different laws in regard to housing and travel. When it comes to registration for ESA, you can even their page to get all the information that you require.

Stay away from websites or companies that attract you with quick registration or fast ESA letters. There is no such method. Many a times, getting an ESA letter from doctors can be challenging. In such cases, you can check out online websites that can direct you to a list of credible doctors or therapists who are authorized to give out ESA letters.

These doctors might ask you a few questions in regard to your health and might ask you to share the name and address of your medical professional, before issuing the letter. An ESA letter will contain information in regard to your mental health and the reason why an ESA is been assigned to you.

ESA and service animals are different. While service animals can also be restricted to dogs, ESA can be any animal of your choice that offers you comfort and keeps you calm. Secondly, service animals are trained to do specific tasks for differently abled people, whereas ESA need not have to be trained. They need to be well behaved and know basic commands when they are in public places.

Different Types of ESA Laws

There are basically two types of ESA laws which are enlisted below:

  • ESA laws for travel
  • ESA laws for housing

ESA laws for travel grants you permission to take your ESA with you during travel. This means that no airlines can charge or stop you from taking your pet, provided that you have a valid ESA letter. Many people tend to pass off their pets as ESA by showing fake letters. This is a serious offence and you might end up paying a huge fine for the same.

ESA for housing may vary from one place to another. If you plan on shifting to a new place or country, you might need to enquire about the housing laws of that place. If the place where you plan to shift has a housing law, then your landlord needs to provide you with an accommodation for you and your pet.


There is no restriction in regard to the number of ESA you have as long as they do not violate any laws and are well behaved. If you have any doubt, you can always contact your state or local authorities to understand about ESA laws.

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