Effective Methods to Reduce Your Installment Loans and Increase Credit Score

An EMI or an installment loan is the same thing. Here, a person borrows a specific amount of money, and then pay it later in a series of installments or regular payments. Most of these installment loans need you to make payment on a monthly basis. Some of the examples of these types of loans are automobile loans, mortgages, personal loans and student loans.

When you take out an installment loan, it enhances credit history and also promotes enhancement in the credit scores. This increases in the score are not going to student be instant.

Ways in which installment loans improve credit scores and reports

The credit reports are made at the NCB or national credit bureau. These agencies work towards documenting all the borrowed money and repaid debts. Each of the loans that are reflected on the credit report widens and expands the credit history. Sign up for a free trial here.

As long as timely payments are made and in the total amount as needed under the payday loan terms, then an installment loan reflects positively on the ability to manage debt in a responsible manner. It will then help in enhancing the credit score.

One more advantage of taking an installment loan is to enhance the credit mix i.e., the variety and number of loans that are shown on the credit report. Credit scoring models distills the contents of the credit report into 3 digit scores and improves credit histories with a wide range of loan types.

It is advisable to choose a combination of revolving debt and installment debt to benefit the credit scores. Revolving accounts are credit cards and a few home-equity loans that permit a loan application to borrow against a specific credit limit, and make varying size payments every month.

If you have most of revolving accounts in your existing credit portfolio, then it is required to add an installment loan to it. This will help in enhancing the credit mix, which will ultimately improve the credit scores.

Credit utilization

An installment loan can increase credit scores significantly in just a short time span. This is because credit cards provide a greater level of credit utilization. In such cases, an installment loan aids you to pay off all the credit card balances that improve the credit scores considerably in just a matter of few months.

Rate of credit utilization

The amount of borrowing limit that represents the outstanding balances for credit-card is thirty percent of the FICO credit score. High utilization rate occurs at the time of “maxing out” your credit cards. This significantly reduces the credit scores.

Debt Consolidation Loan

A personalized installment loan enables you to pay off high level of credit card balance. Reducing the rate of utilization leads to a significant score that increases very soon as long as you keep your installment-loan payments.

It is advised to let your credit card usage increase beyond thirty percentages. In addition to the short-term boost, you will get longer-term benefits of addition and good standing to the credit report and increase your credit mix.


Credit score holds immense importance when it comes to sanctioning a loan. Installment loans offer these ways to improve the credit rating of a person.

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