Male Sex Toys for Supercharging Solo Pleasure

Guys can supercharge their solo pleasure using the right kind of male sex toy. Below is a list of male sex toys, which can even be used with partners.

Sex toy kit

The kit has everything necessary for implausible pleasure. It is designed for improving male satisfaction as well as performance. For example, penis pumps and cock rings can help in giving hard and big erections, while strokers and masturbators add incredible sensation. There are varieties of toys that offer squeezing, sucking and pumping sensation. It is perfect for solo play or with a partner for erogenous night.

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Sleeves & strokers

Shy person can opt for basic small and discreet masturbators. They are easy to use but offer great sensations to your entire penis length. Sleeves & stroker are preferred because they are non-threatening to play with.

Pocket pussies

Pocket pussies are travel friendly male sex toy. They are designed for giving a tight and more realistic sensation. The toy has no vibration or any complicated accessory attached to it. A simple, portable and discreet toy!

Realistic vaginas

For more authentic sex stimulation then try realistic vagina, larger than pocket pussies. Their shape is life like. Hand painted detailing and internal texture gives it a natural feel. Even though its price is on the high side guys just love it.

Male vibrators

Vibrators are not just for her vagina! Male vibrators add one more layer to his masturbation sensation.

Sex dolls

The improved sex dolls offer real sensations. They give total sexual intercourse experience. They are not indiscreet but incredible toy for solo use or a threesome with your partner.

Cock rings

Rings are designed from variety of soft materials. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Rings trap blood gently, once you achieve an erection. It helps to increase penis firmness as well as stamina. You can use them solo or before using the penis pump.

Vibrating cock rings

The working is similar to non-vibrating cock rings but you get sensational vibrations. Slipping on a vibrating cock ring will improve your libido with a partner. You can even attach it along with your favorite sleeve to gain an extra buzz!

Prostate massagers

Prostate is located 2” inside male anus, which is a sensational zone. Prostate massage is designed to reach the spot and a guy can experience outrageous total body orgasm.

Penis extension

For a quick boost of your penis girth and length, you can check the range of extensions available. Just shift one extension over your shaft and secure it. It helps to give you partner a little more push. It is a cost-effective way to try something different.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps safely suction and engorge the penis. Guys feel great with the increased size. If used regularly, it actually increases penis size. But if you wish for an instant increase in penis size, then slip on a cock ring before pumping. The extra length and girth is maintained, after the cylinder is removed.

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