How to Determine CBD Oil Dosage for Pets?

CBD is potent and has been effective in treating variety of ailments pets suffer. It is crucial to consider the right CBD oil for pain relief or anxiety because the situation is different. Even one animal differs from another, so you will need to experiment and identify the precise amount and its regularity.

Factors to consider while treating pets with CBD

Plenty of factors will influence the CBD dosage level for pets.

  • Type of CBD products like capsules, oils, and treats
  • Pet’s size or body weight – For dogs and cats: 1 mg to 5 mg CBD for each 10 lbs. body weight
  • Kind of ailment

Basics of CBD dosage

  • CBD oils are administered in drops and the exact amount will differ from one brand to another. In general, 2 to 4 drops need to be taken 2 to 4 times daily. The dosage size can be adjusted according to pet size and condition.
  • Each capsule generally contains CBD ranging from 5 mg to 20 mg. Consider giving your pet 1 capsule once or twice daily.
  • Treats differ in CBD concentration, give them as per instructions on the package.

cbd for pets

Make sure to monitor your pet’s response and if necessary, adjust the dosage. Work closely with the vet, so as to identify the necessary dosage.

CBD oil dosage

For example-

  • Low concentration for small pets

If you choose a 150mg tincture bottle with a drop equivalent to 0.5mg and recommended dosage in the instruction is 0.25mg x body weight. If your dog weight 6 pounds then –

0.25mg x 6 lb. = 1.5 mg. This means you will have to give three drops because 1 drop = 0.5mg [0.5mg x 3 drops = 1.5 mg]

  • High concentration for large pets

If you choose a 300mg bottle tincture bottle with a drop equivalent to 1 mg CBD and recommended dosage in the instruction is 0.25mg x body weight. If the pet weighs 40 pounds then –

0.25mg x 40 lb. = 10 mg = 10 drops. Concentration is more i.e. 1 drop = 1 mg.

It is more beneficial, if CBD oil is administered directly under the pet’s tongue. However, pets don’t prefer to take medicines, so it is a little tricky.

CBD capsule dosage

CBD capsules are available in bottles of 600 mg, 300mg and 150 mg. The regular dosage formula is same as tinctures.

Body weight in pound x 0.25mg

However, each capsule contains CBD in different mg for each bottle size –

  • 600 mg – 20 mg
  • 300mg – 10 mg
  • 150 mg – 5 mg

If dog weighs 40 lbs. then regular dosage is 0.25mg X 40lbs = 10mg. It means you can buy 300mg bottle size to give one capsule dosage.

Capsules can be mixed in regular food or wrapped in some treat.

CBD treat dosage

Check the CBD level in the treats and use the regular dosage formula. Pets adore treats, so you will not have any problem making sure they eat it.

CBD overdosing is no concern as there is no high induced or no toxic level found. Oils or tinctures offer fast relief in the pain but capsules take long to onset because they need to pass the digestive system. The delivery method you choose will depend on the pet. Picky or taste sensitivity pet’s means treats or capsules will be great, but if the pet does not eat properly then choose oil.

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