Best Practice to Follow While Using Cannabis Infused Topical

Marijuana infused topical products are great to enjoy THC and CBD benefits without ingesting weeds. For several people, they are very helpful in relieving localized pain and minor aches without inducing the psychoactive effects of consuming edibles or smoking.

Cannabis topical are available in different forms like lip bong, salve, massage oil, body lotion, hash bath, ointments, liniments and tinctures. You can use them daily as they are designed to deliver cold or hot sensation along with their beneficial cannabis and botanic chemistry.

Reasons to use cannabis topical

  • Powerful cannabinoids are absorbed by the skin and thus helps to relieve localized pain quickly.
  • Many find it hard to function after ingesting medical marijuana but topical are great alternative as they don’t need to pass through the digestive system or get absorbed in the blood stream but get absorbed through skin and start its work.
  • For athletes and career patients, topical is viable alternative because of prevalent drug testing. Topical don’t get exposed in drug testing.
  • Cannabis plant has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps people with arthritis make movements with ease. They have to apply it directly on the area that hurts the most.
  • Cannabis topical treat several skin issues like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. 

The kind of cannabis infused topical you wish to choose is a personal preference but here is some best practice for using it.

Determine the location to apply

Consider the main location of pain, before applying the cannabis balm. It is an obvious statement but the meaning is if you are suffering from headache then is it from the tension in the neck or from the head. Our bodies undergo plenty of stress and finding its reason helps to define a way for resolving it or where to apply the ointment.

If there are no such nagging spots then focus on giving relief to common sore spots like –

  • Neck
  • Temples
  • Wrists
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Knees and joints
  • Soles of feet

First clean that area

Skin gets contaminated with invisible bacteria and pollutants from the atmosphere. Therefore, prior applying marijuana lotion to the painful or sore region take a quick rinse or clean the spot with moist towel and dry it.

Be generous and dynamic

When the area gets dried, take a generous dollop and apply it. This does not mean to bathe in the topical but do a couple of application. Every application needs to be massaged strongly, so that the topical gets absorbed into the skin. Apply pressure as much as you can bear, so as not to aggravate and feel uncomfortable.

Wash your hands

Many topicals have ingredients like mint, pepper or citrus, which can be irritating to eye or nostril. Wash your hands!

Be realistic

Cannabis is not cure-all but is very helpful. Be realistic in your expectation. Lifetime arthritis pain will not vanish suddenly or the wounds will totally subside. Instead be prepared for innocuous and subtle relief along with other sensations. It depends on the potency of soothing ingredients blended to make the topical lotion. Cannabis topical will not necessarily cure the ailments but make them bearable.

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