The Wacky and Weird Kit Kat Flavours in Japan

Chocolate wafers are popular in the entire world. They are available with different names and different tastes in various parts of the world. So, it is in Japan, the Kit Kat flavors in Japan are much unique and different from what we experience here.

Some of the most famous flavors of Japanese Kit Kat are:

Green tea

This Japanese chocolate has a unique texture to it and is exquisitely smooth and rich. You can purchase this chocolate even online if you are not able to go to Japan. It is considered as healthy chocolate with green tea flavors and the deliciousness of chocolate.

Apple vinegar

This chocolate has certain healing properties in it which are mostly because of the Chinese medicine filled in them. It has the capability of shrinking gall stones and acts as an enzyme.

It gives the chocolate a unique sour as well as a sweet flavor and hence, makes this flavor different from others. It comes dipped in white chocolate with a yellow tint on it. It has apple cream spread over the yummy wafers.

Sweet potato

Due to the availability of sweet potato in Japan, they are now being utilized in the chocolate industry. They have a lot of nutrients packed in them and is preferred by most people over a sweet potato pie.


Sakura, commonly known as cherry blossoms, are visible in Japan during spring. These are pink colored flowers and the lovely petals can be seen shedding during spring. The chocolate is as lovely as the flowers. The unique taste of the flowers accompanied with the sweet taste of chocolate makes it a perfect combination.

Sweet corn

Corn is one food item which comes in various forms in the market. It has been utilized in medicine, corn syrup and even in batteries. However, now this staple crop has made its way in chocolates. The taste of the corn accompanies with chocolate and wafer forms a deadly combination for chocolate lovers.


How about a sour and sweet chocolate with a bit of water in the middle to complete the perfect trio? The Kit Kat grape flavor available in Japan is one of the most famous flavor in Japan. It is one of the most popular Kit Kat flavor available in Japan and is loved by majority of people there.

Choco banana

Banana chocolate is a new trend in the market. The combination of banana along with white chocolate and wafer forms a perfect treat for people in Japan. This flavor is a must try if you are looking for the unique flavors of Kit Kat available in Japan and wish to try some variety in chocolate.

Conclusion You must try these unique flavors of Kit Kat yourself in Japan. These are some of the unique flavors which you would find nowhere but in Japan. Make sure tp try them at least once especially if you are a chocolate lover, you are going to love them.

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