It Is Important to Clear Driving Theory Test to Obtain Driving License

In order to obtain your regular driving license in the UK, you need to first clear the driving theory test which will be followed by practical driving test after you clear your theory test.

Therefore, driving theory test will be one important milestone among the two tests that you need to clear before you can obtain your driver’s license and become eligible to drive on the roads and highways.

You cannot apply or even take your practical driving test until you already have cleared this important theory test for driving. Therefore, you need to first of alldo theory test booking online to start with.

In the driving theory test, first you will be appearing for a written examination which incorporates few case study questions where you may be challenged for your driving skills and knowledge to know how you react to certain situations while driving.

All these theory examinations and its questions are set and administered in the country by the agency which is called “Driving Standard Agency”.

In short it is also called as the DSA, whose aim is to promote and ensure safety and also that drivers and other riders are fully disciplined as well as competent while driving on the road.

In this driving theory exam, there will be 50 numbers of multiple-choice questions that are all totally based on Highway Code and also related to various road safety matters.

By taking advice of number of fully qualified instructors who are running their driving school, and also by taking help from few suitable books and manuals, most people will have very little difficulty in clearing this test.

Also, there is an excellent driving theory test for practice published online by this DSA so that you can practice answering few real-life questions that are generally asked in this driving theory test.

In order to become qualified driver and also passing your driving test needs, not only your proper driving skills will be enough but also at the same time a good knowledge about driving theory and also about the Highway Code is necessary.

There can be different set of tests for different vehicles e.g. car drivers, heavy vehicle drivers and motorcyclists. In this way, any driver can learn all the appropriate rules/regulations and also can learn how he can drive in safe manner.

Practice tests

Two free online tests will be provided by Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency also known as DVSA for each of categories as follows:

  • Cars
  • Large Goods Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles

There are links available which will take you to a website where you can get on the screens the similar set of questions that you will find in theory test that you will actually take at the theory test centre.

There are plenty of reputable driving schools available in the country and their aim is to guide their students towards becoming a skilled and safe driver on road with minimum amount of fuss.

All the qualified and experienced instructors for driving will not just provide necessary practical skills to students but also offer them advice and guidance for clearing the driving theory test.

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