Things Only Memphis People Will Understand

Memphis is an emotion. It is evident in the way they worship the King of Rock n Roll in their religious fervour regarding barbeques and beer. Another emotion that is quite evident, is the degree to which music has entered their soul and psyche.

Their expression about life and love are beautifully bizarre. This is seen in the graffiti’s that cover their sidewalk to the music that comes out of their soul. You can learn more about Memphis through here. Their dedication to art, music and food, is beyond imagination.

Fedex wave

You have to know at least one person who works at Fedex. That one person could be you. Fedex is the largest employment MNC. They have the biggest facility in Memphis, making it a superhub.

John Calipari is still hated

Even now, the embers of hatred have not died down. Memphis is still fanning the wound, when Calipari left Memphis, to take up with the Kentucky. He almost took his entire coaching staff with him. He is still not invited, despite his claims to have provided logical reasons to move ship.

Grandpa’s friend Elvis

All grandmas and grandpas you meet on the road, will have someone in their family who went to school with Elvis. It could drag till their first cousin’s brother’s son’s friend’s aunt.

“Bruh” me

Certain words have a God-like status in certain regions. Here, it is “bruh”. Everybody is addressed by this, irrespective of gender. It could also mean a form of excitement, shock or disbelief. You have to find the meaning, as per the context, bruh!

Water pride

Memphians swear on their waters. The sand aquifers are one of the sources in the world that provides sweet and clean water. They wear this as a badge of honor. Who could contest this, as these waters are also used to make vaccines!

Pork mania

You can take Memphis out of pork, but not pork out of Memphis. The ‘succulent and flavorful meat’ is what keeps Memphians happy on their feet. This is as important to them, as the air they breathe. The cruellest thing you could do is stop a Memphian from enjoying their barbecue pork.

Trade Gasol back

Marc Gasol, a home-grown talent is a pride to be carried around. The “big burritos” got traded back and forth between leagues, just like a hot meaty burrito. Memphians would love to trade him back into their Grizzlers, anytime.

Riding the Zippin Pippin

Zippin Pippin is the oldest wooden roller coaster in the country. There was enough dismantling and reinstallation for this yesteryear wonder. While it was under use, Memphians would be sure of not touching the ground alive. Still, they come out alive, kicking and all the more exhilarated.


There has been and will be unique emotional entanglement, happening in magical Memphis. Be it wishing to get invited to a Tipton wedding or getting anxious of monorail breaking off while riding it. Such personalised feelings keep the city alive, aided by the heart beats of all the residents of it.

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