Reasons and Tips to Organize Bachelor Party at Gentlemen’s Club

Friend’s wedding preparations are on the way and you are chosen as best man, so now it is your responsibility to arrange a wildest bachelor party. It needs to be an amazing night, so as to enjoy unmarried life prior tying the knot. So, you are confused whether to take a trip to strip club or gentlemen’s club.

Actually, both are different in many ways. Below is a quick rundown of what to expect from gentleman’s club, which cannot be got at strip club.

Amazing food

The first difference you will see is the food that is served. At the traditional strip club, you will be eating fast food dishes. Gentlemen’s club includes a classy menu, you can order delicious foodstuff ranging from gourmet sushi to salads and some best bar food. Moreover, you can quench your thirst with the top of line drink specials in Philadelphia.

Smoke royalty

At strip club, you will be fortunate enough to get anything else to smoke than cigarettes. Some have cheap cigars. On the other hand, at gentlemen’s club you get to smoke branded cigars. High-class smoking needs of customers get covered.

Better customers

The interior designing of gentlemen’s club is exclusive and they even have specific rules that need to be adhered to by everyone attending the performance. Actually, it is all aimed towards their customers having a good time.

Here you will not be disturbed by rowdy partygoers or rude wasted drinkers. It is a classy place, where sophisticated crowd visit to have fun and entertainment. You can organize and enjoy your friend’s bachelor party in harmony.

Friendly staff

The wait and service staff are warm and friendly. They pay close attention to every guest as well as make sure that best possible service is offered.

Now, you are aware of what to expect at the gentlemen’s club. It is time to plan the bachelor party for your best buddy.

Tips to plan buddy’s bachelor party

Consider groom’s preference

The bachelor party is planned, so that the groom has fun. The grooms differ is many ways like some go wild, while a few are reserved and several like small company, while quiet a lot are fine with lots of friends joining the bachelor party. Therefore, consider the grooms preference before choosing a package.

Reserve your spot

The club you choose may be fully booked because the reservations may be on the basis of first come – first serve. Getting spot with friends will be easy, if you make plans in advance and arrive at a particular time. Consider a time suitable for everyone invited at the bachelor party.

Consider the dress code

Many people get barred from entering the club because proper dress code was not observed. Make sure everyone from your group is dressed properly. It would not be exciting, if a friend is left behind. Safe options are button up shirts, soft dress pants, shoes, and nice jeans.

Bachelor party etiquette

  • No fighting
  • Treat dancers and waitresses with respect
  • No physical touch
  • No contraband
  • Say good words to people you encounter with like waitress, drivers, bouncers, and door hostess

Even if you are organizing a bachelor party for your friend, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy. Have fun!

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