Waxing – Is It True That Waxing Is Painful?

There are several ways to remove hair from your body. These include shaving, waxing, plucking, threading, or using a laser method. There are few myths related to this procedure. One of these myths is that waxing is a painful process. Let us uncover the truth behind these myths.

Waxing will hurt a lot

Waxing involves hair from getting pulled from its root. Yes, it will hurt, but the pain will not be unbearable. The threshold of a person to bear the intensity of pain is different. So, when it is done efficiently and quickly, then it is not very painful. Also, when you do it for the first time, you feel pain. The intensity of pain reduces with each successive session.

It is important to note that the amount of pain that you experience depends on a few factors. You may become very sensitive to painful sensation when you are ill. Women mostly feel it more painful just before when they are approaching their periods.

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It is embarrassing to get a bikini wax done

Bikini lines are very annoying regions in the body that has to be in good shape. Some people shy away from the thought of getting their intimate area waxed from a therapist. It is important to remember that beauty therapists perform this task daily and have waxed numerous bikini lines before performing yours.

If you feel uncomfortable, then simply convey your feelings to the therapist and they will get it done in a modest way when you need it.

Waxing leads to sagging or wrinkles on the skin

There are a few people who have this wrong notion that waxing will cause their skin to sag, or wrinkle. A good waxing therapist keeps the skin tight while they remove the wax strip. Also, you need to perform waxing only once a month that won’t have any long-term impact on your skin.

Waxing is not beneficial for your skin

Your skin can get sensitive, red or a tad swollen instantly after you perform a wax procedure. All these effects are momentary and do not stay for a long-term. You will find that when you perform waxing, all these side effects will subside on its own in just a few minutes.

To ensure your skin gets into its right state, it is important that you perform the right hair removal and aftercare procedure. Waxing serves the purpose of an exfoliant that aids in removing the uppermost layer of the dead skin.

It can even help in reducing the possibilities of ingrown hair and irritation caused due to after shaving procedure. It is necessary to perform the right aftercare procedure as per the advice of the therapist following the wax procedure. This ensures that in future no such issues develop.


Waxing is a simple and effective process to get rid of excess hair easily and safely. Hope all these myths that have been preventing you from performing waxing have got removed now. 

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