Top Mistakes That Must Be Avoided by Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Keeper!

No matter whether you have or you are planning to have a small, big, old, or new aquarium, some of the issues are ought to appear later or sooner. However, finding and fixing the cause before it gets out of control is the ultimate key to maintain a healthy aquarium.

Regardless of what type of aquarium keeper that you are, the following is a complete list of the most common mistakes that you might be already making. Being aware of them beforehand can be really helpful to you in the long run. Read on and ensure to avoid them!

Inadequate filtration

If you want to keep a saltwater fish tank filterin the best possible condition, then ensure sufficient biological filtration. There are numerous filtration methods that you can choose from. However, make sure that you choose just the right filter to prevent from various issues. No matter whether it is a mechanical, biological, or chemical, it is much better to have a bit more than too little of the filtration!


If the food you feed is left uneaten, then it lays at the bottom of the tank. It then creates nitrates and it even results in overloaded biological filter. You should rather understand nutritional needs of fish and not just “throw food” to them. It is recommended that you feed them once or twice a day.

Moreover, it is very important that you buy high quality foods. Feed only what the fish shall consume in 2-3 minutes in a feeding.

Overloading the aquarium

Cramming bunch of livestock or live rock in aquarium isn’t really recommended. It shouldn’t be done especially in the tank that has just completed cycling process or isn’t fully cycled. Even in well established system, keeping too many additions to tank can result in new tank syndrome. So, be patient and take it easy!

Bad quality fresh water source

Water quality issues are the most common ones when it comes to saltwater aquarium. Using water right from tap or a water source which is unpurified can lead to such issues. So, what can be done then?

Well, you can opt for clean natural seawater, or use water purification filter. Make sure to go for reputable and reliable supplier.


Identifying the problems and then searching out for remedies is more sensible than opting for more and more remedies at ailing or sick fish. It should be remembered here that medications must be used only when required and in quarantine tank if possible. Use the one that is specifically formulated to target particular disease that the fish are dealing with.

Incompatibility of livestock

Never buy livestock without ensuring whether they will reside peacefully with other tank-mates or not since it may result into injured or dead animals and stress related diseases. Get some basic knowledge about compatibility of animals that you are thinking to purchase for your aquarium before you put them together.

If the above mistakes are prevented, then your saltwater aquarium will surely be maintained in a very healthy way. Moreover, ensure that you follow a proper regular maintenance routine.

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