The latest Mangalsutra Trends for a Teligu Wedding

There are five sighs of marital status for any woman and the mangalsutra is one of them. The other four include the nose ring, bangles, kumkum, and toe rings. In the Telugu Matrimonial, the ‘pustelu’ is referred to as ‘mangalsutram’ ‘thaaly’ ‘maangalyam’ or ‘thaali.’

  • Traditional Mangalsutras

The traditional mangalsutra comprises of black beads that are strung on a golden thread. Telugu brises normally wear two thaalis. One of them is a plain golden chain that has a semi-circular pendant and the other is a chain that has black beads. The old generation Telugu ladies preferred to add some amount of gold each year to the original mangalsutra. The increase in the length and weight of this product was a reflection of the number of years that they had been married.

  • Traditional Designs

The mangalsutra designs in a Telugu Matrimonial varies from one family to another. For example, the Shivite families highlight the design of the tulasi goddess while the others highlight the Shiva lingam. The design of the Vaishnavites comprises of the Y or U pattern tilak (thiruman) with chakram and sanku on both sides. There are various types of this jewelry that are known as Elathaali, kumbhathaali, Lakshmi thaali, Pottuthaali, etc.

  • Modern Trends

With varying women needs and changing trends, there has been a lot of changes on the concept of putting on traditional mangalsutra. Nowadays, a person can get a dramatic transition in the make and style of the mangalsutras. The current mangalsutra is presented as more of a fashion statement than a marriage symbol. Rarely will you find a marriage woman donning a mangalsutra over her fashionable business unit. The trend is wearing single string, sleek, and short mangalsutras without or with a pendant. Some women are trying to match the mangalsutra with the kind of clothes that they are wearing. You can also match it with the jewelry accessories that you are wearing.

  • Diamond Mangalsutras

Every bride has a dream of owning a diamondmangalsutra that has a stunning diamond pedant. White gold a diamond mangalsutra and cast in platinum are popular choices that will give you a feminine touch as a bride. The designs range from intricately designed filigree to exclusive diamond pendants and work studded with precious stones and diamonds like emeralds or rubies.

  • Layered Chains

The trending designs nowadays are two layered chains that are beaded with black beads and gold balls. A 22 carat gold mangalsutra that are designed with detailed filigree patterns and alternative black and gold beads in a double layered fashion is greatly in vogue.

  • Fancy Mangalsutras

The old-fashioned single chain mangalsutras are now being replaced with the fancy looking ones. A stylish 22 carats golden mangalsutra with three layers and alternate patch style in gold cup chain and black cylindrical beads is an eye catcher. The other popular choice nowadays is a 222 carat fancy gold mangalsutra of modern design with beautiful meenakari work and colored stones.

We are past those days when Telugu brides used to wear a single gold chain with gold and black beads as their mangalsutras. You can now get diamond mangalsutra or gold mangalsutra. It is an excellent way of making a fashionable statement about yourself.

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