Month: January 2019


The latest Mangalsutra Trends for a Teligu Wedding

There are five sighs of marital status for any woman and the mangalsutra is one of them. The other four include the nose ring, bangles, kumkum, and toe rings. In the Telugu Matrimonial, the ‘pustelu’ is referred to as ‘mangalsutram’ ‘thaaly’ ‘maangalyam’ or ‘thaali.’ Traditional Mangalsutras The traditional mangalsutra comprises of black beads that are […]

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The New Trendy Food Apt for Post Funeral Reception

It is a ritual to arrange post funeral reception where people gather together and remember the person who just passed away to heavenly abode.  The reception event provides ample chances to people who haven’t met for a long time, however have got together to honor the death of their dear person. Providing food on such […]

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