Year: 2019


Asian Stock Markets Getting Integrated With Global Market

During the year 2017, about 43% of the equities raised via world’s public equity markets was meant for various companies of Asian countries. What does this mean? Asian corporations have made their global presence and have been successful enough to raise more equity in the stock market as compared to all the European and the […]

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Top Mistakes That Must Be Avoided by Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Keeper!

No matter whether you have or you are planning to have a small, big, old, or new aquarium, some of the issues are ought to appear later or sooner. However, finding and fixing the cause before it gets out of control is the ultimate key to maintain a healthy aquarium. Regardless of what type of […]

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The latest Mangalsutra Trends for a Teligu Wedding

There are five sighs of marital status for any woman and the mangalsutra is one of them. The other four include the nose ring, bangles, kumkum, and toe rings. In the Telugu Matrimonial, the ‘pustelu’ is referred to as ‘mangalsutram’ ‘thaaly’ ‘maangalyam’ or ‘thaali.’ Traditional Mangalsutras The traditional mangalsutra comprises of black beads that are […]

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The New Trendy Food Apt for Post Funeral Reception

It is a ritual to arrange post funeral reception where people gather together and remember the person who just passed away to heavenly abode.  The reception event provides ample chances to people who haven’t met for a long time, however have got together to honor the death of their dear person. Providing food on such […]

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